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Committee Info - Charters

Our community has a number of different charters which perform an invaluable function to its community and everyone that lives in it. It is the residence duty to help serve the community and be part of keeping our community beautiful and vibrant.


This committee is responsible for processing the exterior change applications and enforcing compliance with Association documents.

The committee meets the first Wednesday of the month at 6:00 pm in the clubhouse.


The Social Committee is responsible for planning social and recreational activities and events to improve community relations. These include activities for adults, children and the community as a whole.


The Enhancement Committee is responsible for assisting the Association with grounds beautification and grounds maintenance. They also recommend landscape and improvement changes.

Community Watch

The purpose of the Community Watch Committee is to encourage participation, promote and coordinate activities and meetings of a community crime watch program as sponsored by Stafford Sheriff's Department to benefit all owners and enhance the value of community and ownership.

The Committee is to create a forum, which can be used to encourage participation of owners and maintain an organized network of contacts for use in related communication and emergencies. The Committee should meet as often as necessary, solicit and consider other member opinions. They should promote, coordinate and carry out activities and programs to provide knowledge of the program to all owners.


The purpose of the Health, Wellness & Fitness Committee is to encourage participation, promote and coordinate activities where you can enjoy a variety of group exercise classes all within the comfort of your own community.  Classes are normally held Monday-Thursday & are only $5.00 per class.