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Office Closed

Jul 03, 2020

The office will be closed Friday, July 3rd in observance of the Independence Day Holiday.

ARC Meeting

Jul 01, 2020

ARC Meeting
@6:00 pm at the Clubhouse


Jun 22, 2020

Board of Directors Meeting

6:30pm in the Clubhouse
All residents are encouraged to attend!


ARC Meeting

Jun 03, 2020

ARC Meeting - Applications will be viewed online.

Graduation Parade

May 30, 2020

Good day neighbors!
The date of the Graduation Parade is May 30, 2020. We will stage at Mary Washington at 3:30 pm. We will take off from the University at 4:00 pm. Look forward to seeing everone on Saturday. Verna

Here is the graduation route (picture and written) and times that we will be starting the in little neighbors. Some of the roads are small to pass, if at all possible if our neighbors can move their cars into their driveways for about 2-3 hours during this parade it would be greatly appreciative. There is a couple of roads that the parade would not be able to go down due to possibly running into the line of cars. If your road does not have a route please go to a corner to cheer our Graduates for their success. I am hoping to have a good turn out for our Graduates of 2020. Graduates can be preschool, kindergarten, 5th grade, 8th grade, high school, and college.

Graduates are going to be in the cars driving around.

Neighbors please come out to cheer these graduates for their success.

Thank you all for making this happen!

Your neighbor,

Here is the written route with time

Starting point is at Mary Washington University. We will start staging at 3:30pm and take off at 4pm.
Village Parkway - right

1 on Map is Cedar Creek we will be starting here at approx. 4:01pm
Zinc Dr - right
Emerald Dr - right
Jade Dr - left
Kimmer Ct - right and turn around in cul-du-sac
Jade Dr - left
Lapis Dr - right and turn around in cul-du-sac
Jade Dr - right
Emerald Dr - right
Village parkway - right

2 on Map is The Grove we will be starting here at approx. 4:06pm
Village Grove - right and turn around in cul-du-sac
Grace Manor - right and turn around in cul-du-sac
Village Grove - right
Village Parkway - right

3 on May is Cobblestone Creek will be starting here at approx. 4:11pm
Morning Mist - right
Glenhaven - right and turn around in cul-du-sac
Morning Mist - right
Country Manor - left
Village Parkway - right

4 on Map is Back section after woods will be starting here at approx. 4:16pm
Peningcroft - right
Mill Springs - right
Village Parkway - right
Royal Crescent - right
Manor Wood - right
Wildwood - left
Royal Crescent - right
Charter Gate - right
Ivy Springs - right
Royal Crescent - left
Charter Gate - left
Hopkins Branch - right
Royal Crescent Way - left
Village Parkway - right

Chestnut Oaks I will be starting here at approx. 4:26pm
Bealton - right and turn around in cul-du-sac
Village parkway - right

Chestnut Oaks II will be starting here at approx. 4:28pm
Shadowbrook - right
Cedarview - left
Shadowbrook - right
Village Parkway - right

Rocky Run will be starting here at approx. 4:29pm
Fieldcrest - right
Basalt - right
Rollingside - right
Basalt - left
Pierre Emmanuel - right
Basalt - right
Aurelie - right
Village Parkway - finish

If you have any questions please email me at [email protected]



May 18, 2020

Board of Directors Meeting-Cancelled

6:30pm in the Clubhouse
All residents are encouraged to attend!


Community Pools

May 12, 2020

Stafford Lakes Village Homeowners,

These are unprecedented times and we all have a lot on our minds right now. While COVID-19 is a global challenge, it is also highly personal, impacting all aspects of our individual work and home lives. While it is impossible to eliminate the risk posed by this virus, the Board of Directors is committed to doing all they can to keep you and your families safe in our community and, as such, have closed access to several Community common areas including playgrounds and sports areas. As the weather turns warmer, we are sure many in the community are thinking about getting ready for summer and, perhaps, enjoying sometime in the Community pool.

Due to COVID-19, there exists the very real possibility that the Community will not be permitted to open the pool this year and residents of Stafford Lakes Village will have to make alternative plans. The current set of Architectural Design Guidelines have specific specifications for what types of pools are allowed in the Community (Section II, G). The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has given much thought to these guidelines considering our current situation and has made the following recommendation to the Board of Directors; a temporary amendment to the Guidelines until we are past the risks associated with COVID-19:

Effective immediately, homeowners are permitted to have temporary, above ground pools with a frame in addition to the inflatable style pools permitted in the guidelines. Homeowners do not need to submit an ARC request and will be permitted to install pools provided they comply with the following:

1. They are to be temporary in nature and must be drained and stored out of sight at the end of the season, but no later than October 1, 2020.

2. Pools for swimming must be located in rear of the house and must be a minimum of 5 feet from the property line, or the minimum standard set by local Governing Agency, whichever is the larger of the two.

3. The temporary pool must have a depth of less than 24 inches, a volume of less than 5000 gallons, or an area of less 150 square feet. Any pool in excess of these dimensions fall under county/state/federal guidelines and require additional authorizations and permits from the county and the community before they can be installed.

Any pool that has a maximum water depth equal to or greater than 24 inches, a volume greater than or equal to 5000 gallons, or an area greater than 150 square feet must meet all associated county, state, and federal regulations and requires an application to the ARC which must include the following:

1. A copy of the approved County permit (County permits and special enclosures are required for any pool or hot tub that has a depth greater than 24”).

2. Signatures of all property owners affected by the proposed pool (in the event that more than the usual two are affected).

3. A site plan showing location and dimensions of the pool, other related equipment, etc., in relation to the applicant's house, property lines, and adjacent dwellings.

4. Detailed drawings and plans of the pool, and pertinent information concerning water supply system, drainage and water disposal system.

5. Estimated date of installation and removal of the pool from the property.

This one-time, temporary exception to the guidelines applies to every property in Stafford Lakes Village and only applies to the 2020 pool season. This exception shall expire on October 1, 2020 and these pools will, again, be expressly prohibited in Stafford Lakes Village. If you have any questions regarding this exception to the guidelines, please contact the clubhouse by phone at 540-286-2555 or email at [email protected]

Very Respectfully,

Stafford Lakes Community Association Board of Directors


Cancellation of April 11, 2020 Event

Apr 06, 2020

Good Morning Stafford Lakes Residents,

First, we want to say our thoughts are with you all during this unusual time, and we hope you are faring well during the stay at home order issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia. We hope everyone is practicing
 social distancing and taking appropriate precautions. Additionally, we hope to see everyone at a yet to be named Stafford Lakes Community Association (SLCA) event when this situation resolves itself.

Second, it has come to our attention that an individual has been in communication with residents regarding an event offering for April 11, 2020, involving Castiglia's Italian Restaurant delivering to the SLCA Clubhouse parking lot. Unfortunately, Catiglia's proper process was not followed, and the Board of Directors (BOD) was not approached for appropriate permissions or review. The BOD has been in contact with Castiglia's Italian Restaurant and formally received information from them on their offering.  The information that has been shared with residents about their offering is not accurate.  The BOD believes such an event has potential benefits for our residents during this unusual time. Unfortunately, due to the improper following of procedures, Castiglia's and the BOD have determined that the event has to be canceled. The BOD is working with Castiglia's to determine whether it will be possible to reschedule the event and get the correct details out to everyone.  We will send out any new information via normal Association communications (townsquare, email, and official Facebook page).



SLCA Board

Pizza Party

Apr 06, 2020

Dear Stafford Lake Residents,

It has come to the Boards attention that there is some confusion concerning the cancelation of the Castiglia's event on April 11th. Please allow me to give some background and additional information that may help alleviate this.

On Tuesday, March 31, 2020, the Board of Directors became aware of Castiglia's Italian restaurant offering to work with communities in order to schedule a pizza night for residents. Given the current atmosphere of fear and uncertainty, we on the Board determined that coordinating such an event would be both advantageous for Castiglia's (a local small business) and our community (which is dealing with the aforementioned fear and uncertainty). To that end, a member of the Board reached out to Castiglia's point of contact to get more information and possibly schedule an event. However, when we contacted them, we were informed that they already had one scheduled for Stafford Lakes. It was their understanding that they were already working with the HOA Board. As part of their (Castiglia's) guidelines (guideline number 3), they "require permission by the HOA to set up our delivery truck in a designated area approved by the HOA." They informed us that they were given permission to use the clubhouse parking lot for this and were confused to learn that the BOD was unaware of any of this. Despite the guideline violations, Castiglia's was still willing to work with the Board to keep the event. However, upon further investigation, it was discovered that residents had been given incorrect information concerning Castiglia's offerings for the event. Residents were erroneously informed that they would be able to order anything from Castiglia's menu and it would be delivered to the clubhouse on the 11th of April. This again was inaccurate. Castiglia's guidelines provide that they will "be offering (2) options. Either option (1) Pizza night: cheese pizza $12 or pepperoni pizza $15. Or option (2) Pasta night: offering trays of spaghetti and meatballs (feeds a family of 6) $15. Either option may add a bottle of wine choice white or red for $8." They also advertise that "Unfortunately, both options are not available on the same night." Additionally, Castiglia's requires that there be "a minimum of 30 participants".

Given all of this, Castiglia's determined that they could not support the event that had been planned of April 11th. In order to ensure that the community was made aware as soon as possible, the Board created the email and Volo Village message that went out this morning, April 6, 2020. Additionally, the Board immediately began working with Castiglia's to reschedule the event, if possible.

We on the Board are members of the community, and we completely understand that current world events are putting a lot of pressure on us all. We know that small distractions like a community pizza or pasta party can do a lot to give us a reprieve. It is why we were looking into it in the first place, and it is why we want to work with Castiglia's to ensure that we act in accordance with their guidelines. Failure to do so could limit such opportunities in the future not just with this business, but with others that may become unwilling to work with a community that has no regard for the business' restrictions.

We ask you to be patient (we know everyone is asking that of us right now). We are working with Castiglia's, and as soon as we are able to determine the feasibility of holding a pizza or pasta event, we will notify you.

Thank you for your understanding.

Very Respectfully,
The Stafford Lakes Community Association Board of Directors


Outdoor Equipment Closed Due to COVID-19

Mar 23, 2020


Playgrounds, Basketball Court, 
& Tennis Court are
until further notice.


Office Closure Due to COVID-19

Mar 18, 2020

Attention Stafford Lakes Village Residents:

Due to the current CDC and other government recommendations, we are making some changes to our operations.  This is to
help practice social distancing and prevent the further spreading of COVID-19.
 ·   The Stafford Lakes Village Clubhouse will be closed to residents until further notice.  
·     The onsite staff will be teleworking and can be reached at [email protected]. In the
event there are staff at the clubhouse, they have been instructed not to let
anyone inside the clubhouse.
·   All meetings are canceled until further notice.  This incudes Board of Director Meetings, Committee meetings, and
any scheduled hearings.
·    All Clubhouse rentals for the month of March have been canceled and full refunds will be issued.
The safety of all our residents, our staff and their families were the focus for these decisions. We apologize for the
inconveniences this will cause.  We are all in this together, and hope that you understand these changes.